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Player name: Gilbo
Player contact: [ profile] viii
Player age: 23
Characters already played: none

Name: Garrett Hawke
Journal: [personal profile] the_champion
Canon: Dragon Age 2
Canon point: Post Game (In between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition)
Age: 32
Reference: Wiki page and specific character choices from canon here
Personality: In Dragon Age 2, there are three different personality routes that Hawke can be based on the choices and dialogue you pick in the game. Hawke can either be diplomatic, aggressive, or sarcastic, but it is possible to weave the three personality traits together throughout the game. Since Hawke is a player-choice based character, I play him leaning mostly towards a sarcastic route, with hints of diplomacy and aggressiveness. However, his personality is mostly based around sarcasm and being able to make witty remarks and jokes about the situations he faces.

Garrett Hawke is not known as a guy who takes himself too seriously. In fact, he rarely does. Known to take up his father’s humor, Hawke always has a joke up his sleeve no matter what situation presents itself to him and his companions. This sometimes can lead to trouble, but he does know when to hold back if it’s a serious situation. Hawke isn’t afraid to speak his mind to others, usually responding with rather snarky comments, which can cause some trouble depending on who he’s talking to, especially his little brother, Carver. However, he knows how to take a jab and have someone knock him down a peg, and this tends to happen mostly when Varric and Aveline are involved. Whether it’s an enemy or long time friend, Hawke will always find the humor somewhere. His use of humor also aids him personally to help him recover from somber situations. Hawke has dealt with the trauma of losing his sister, Bethany, father, Malcolm, and mother, Leandra, and has a difficult time expressing his own pain and suffering to others. Humor is a frequently used device to deflect away from that pain.

Hawke has a major flaw in dealing with his own failures. If one of his companions felt like they've failed, he was always the first to offer them some consoling words about how they did what they could and comfort them. On the other hand, if the situation was reversed, Hawke would have a hard time accepting it. He blamed himself for Bethany's death when the family was escaping the Blight from Lothering. And after his mother died in his arms at the hands of blood magic years later, Hawke spent a good amount of time alone in his room, grieving and wondering what he could have done to prevent her death. The condolences offered by others were appreciated, though the sense of failure of protecting a loved one still troubled his mind. He’d rather busy himself with helping others than help himself.

Hawke was taught by his father to be the responsible one in the family, which inevitably contributes to his skills as a leader. As the oldest sibling, Hawke had to help look after the younger twins and assist his mother whenever needed. When his family fled Lothering and his father passed, as the eldest, he became head of the family and became the symbol of hope his family could rely on. During his time in Kirkwall, he is known as the leader amongst his companions in order to right the wrongs within the city. Hawke has a difficult time turning down pleas for help, and he assisted his companions with their own personal turmoils. Hawke also has a rather charismatic personality and charm that seems to draw people in. Over time, Hawke gained the trust of Fenris, Anders, Varric, Isabela, Merrill, and Aveline, who all fight at his side to protect the mages in Kirkwall in the final act of the game. Because of this responsibility that was thrust upon him and his natural leadership and charisma, Hawke strongly believed that he can make a difference against the corruption of Kirkwall. He managed to lead a crew of misfits to fight against Knight-Commander Meredith and First Enchanter Orsino; He eliminated the qunari threat that loomed within the city as diplomatically possible- even though it did result in fighting the Arishok. However, he knows all these things would have been impossible without the help of his friends.

While he has all these responsibilities, he usually brushes them off with a joke or tends to take on these quests asked upon him with a sarcastic response. Despite joking around about these tasks that are requested upon him (“Hawke this, Hawke that”), he genuinely enjoys being able to help others out. As a mage, he naturally empathized with the mage's plight in Kirkwall, and hated seeing them being treated like second class citizens and oppressed at the hands of the Templars. It wasn’t just the mage persecution that bothered him in Kirkwall though. Hawke often aided the elves that lived in the elven alienage, which was the equivalent of a city’s ghetto where elves could afford to live. The elves’ voices were rarely heard by the Kirkwall city guards, and he gladly stepped in to help them whenever possible. He never viewed anyone as lower than him, or treated them differently based on their race or status.

However, being considered a leader, Hawke frequently made decisions that affected the entirety of the group. He would take it upon himself to do so, and as a leader, he felt his decisions were best for everyone. While he would base his decisions through compassion and what he felt was right, not everyone would agree with his decisions. For example, Hawke decided to side with the mages and help defend them, Fenris did not initially agree with Hawke considering his former master, Danarius, was a Tevinter magister and magic was used to harm him. While Hawke’s heart was in the right place, his decision did inevitably turn against him when he discovered the Circle was filled with corruption. He continued this path of deciding what’s best for everyone without thinking ahead and letting his own emotions sometimes control these decisions.

Skills and attributes: Mage that primarily utilizes Elemental magic along with a focus in the Force Mage specialization
Fireball, Firestorm, Winter’s Grasp, Cone of Cold, Pyromancer, Elemental Mastery
Chain Lightning
Spirit Bolt
Elemental Weapons
Heal, Haste
Force Mage;
Fist of the Maker,Telekinetic Burst, Pull of the Abyss, Unshakeable, Gravitic Ring

First person sample:
TDM sample here!
Third person sample: The sun beat down against his back as he stared overhead at the temple that stood before him. The architecture of the temple was far different compared to any building or ruin he’d seen in Thedas. It looked ancient almost, but able to withstand the climate of the island. Hawke scratched his chin thoughtfully as he tried to peer in closer. Curiosity was taking hold of him, and he wanted to know what secrets were hidden inside. Though, it could have been a ruse of some sort just to trick visitors.

The woman- Priestess? The mage couldn’t figure out what exactly her role in this society was yet. She was friendly enough, had a certain enigmatic charm about her that drew him in. The entire mystery of his arrival was enough to justify him questioning everything at this point. He knew better than to fully trust her though. Doubtful about her response to all the newcomer’s questions on why they were brought here, Hawke remained skeptical towards her overall. She may have seemed trustworthy, but there had to be something more going on. There’s no way that she had no answers to give them. This was some powerful magic at play, and he couldn’t help but be mildly impressed by that.

“So, you’re telling me that some people up there,” Hawke gestured up towards the vast blue sky above them. “Decided that we’re all worthy of their blessings? Couldn’t they have at least asked us beforehand. Maybe drop a line about the whole ‘moving to a new world’ bit? No? Ah well.”
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1/8/16 -- KY KISUKE TDM 4 points
1/11/16 -- FENRIS TDM 4 points
1/24/16 -- FENRIS JANUARY INTRO (12) points
1/26/16 -- DORIAN JANUARY INTRO (6) points
1/28/16 -- KY JANUARY INTRO (6) points
1/28/16 -- NEIRA JANUARY INTRO (4) points
1/31/16 -- DORIAN DRINKING LOG (8) points
1/31/16 -- SHEENA DRINKING LOG (6) points


2/1/16 -- EVANGELINE DRINKING LOG (3) points
2/1/16 -- MARGAERY DRINKING LOG (4) points

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Total Points:
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Appearance: Default Hawke
Class: Mage
Personality: Sarcastic
-Established friendly romance with Fenris
-Best friends with Varric
-Positive friendships with all companions (somehow)
-Deceased: Bethany, Leandra
-Has a trusty mabari named Kirill

Act I
Joined smugglers
Took Carver into the Deep Roads

Act II
Romanced Fenris
Killed the Arishok

Sided with mages
Did not kill Anders

[Will update with further major choices later]
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I play sarcastic, mage default Garrett Hawke, so be prepared for snark and loyalties with mages.

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